Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Review | Nivea regenerating night cream

Nivea isn't a product I'm normally drawn to, but I've seen a lot of drug stores and supermarkets it goes half price. I saw it at about £2 which is properly the cheapest night cream you'll find.  Lately I think I've become a skincare junkie, so I've been open to trying new products.

When I first tried the Nivea night cream I love how fresh your face feels after applying it. I used this every night and felt it made my face oily.

I read a news article on a woman who used night cream all the time and she was asked to go a month without it and her skin actually improved. 

I've since been using this ever 2-3 days and think it works a lot better.

Bargain for £2 I'd say 

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