Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Review | John Frieda - Go blonder

I've read so many bad reviews on the John Frieda go blonder. This shampoo really does lighten your hair. It will have chemicals to make it work, so I cant garentee it being good for your hair. 

I have read a few reviews it dyes your bed sheets. I did notice one of the bed sheets had turn a funny colour, yet my others haven't. They were plain brown and cheap ones and the pillow sheet turn a lighter brown colour. I don't think anyone should get turned off by that as none of my other bed sheets changed colour.

Years ago I went to the hair dresser to go from brown to blonde and got full head highlights and ended up with a ginger tone colour. 

This was just after the getting blonde highlights, you can see ginger tones.

This was a few weeks after using John Frieda go blonder. You can see it looks more blonde. 

After that I dyed my hair dark and now the last couple years I like it blonde at the bottom. 

Sometimes it lightens it more than you want though as i just after dying my hair to look like below. I then went back to using John Frieda go blonder and it lightened it more than I wanted it.

I ended up with this colour after a few weeks.

John Frieda blonde shampoo is great if your too lazy to sit with a dye in your hair and want to lighten your hair. Some products don't do what they say on the bottle, but it does promise - gradually lighting. 

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