Thursday, 27 November 2014

Review | Herbal Essences dry shampoo


Am I the only one who's never tried dry shampoo ? I've seen so many bad reviews by other bloggers reviewing other dry shampoos it really put me off.

Herbal Essences is my "everyday shampoo" , so when I saw they brought out a dry shampoo, I decided I was going to try dry shampoo for the first time in my life.

I saw three different kinds of Herbal Essences dry shampoos , naked, ignite my colour which was a rose smell and uplifting volume which is a citrus smell. I probably should have went for ignite my colour, which I go for in the normal shampoo, as I dye my hair instead I went for smell the citrus.

I wash my hair every second day and it hasn't been washed in two days, so I choose today to see if this really works.

When You spray the first you notice is the citrus smell. It's a very light citrus smell. That's the one thing you look for in shampoos a nice smell.

The results


I don't think my hair feels clean at all, maybe because am used to actually washing my hair in the shower ? The thing I do love about this dry shampoo is the citrus smell. It leave your hair smelling citrusy. I think I'll stick with herbal Essences normal shampoo, but this would be good for the days I don't wash my hair to leave it smelling nice.

Ignore my face I didn't put makeup on since it was the morning and tried this before going for a shower.

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  1. Great review lady! Thanks so much for sharing! Love seeing reviews on less expensive products especially when they WORK!!

  2. I tried this one too, and I liked the smell too, but I agree about it making your hair feel dirty, but not all dry shampoos do that! I love the new Colab ones, they're great for volume and de-greasing without being able to feel it in your hair :)xxx


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