Thursday, 6 November 2014

Perfume collection

Believe it or not I 've never owned a lot of perfumes. I'm not sure if it's because I hate to change scent or I've been a loyal fan to Mary-Kate and Ashley lol.

My first perfume was Tommy girl and am sure I had a few bottles after that. 

When Mary-Kate and Ashley brought out perfumes coast to coast LA and New York I knew I had to buy them. I stuck by them up till I was about 19.

Then when I went to Victoria's Secret I loved the Dream Angels desire perfume. I've stuck by Dream Angels desire until this year. 

Then am sure you guessed it Mary-Kate and Ashley brought out 2 new perfumes this year. Elizabeth and James nirvana White and black. I had to buy both, though I do love the black more. 

While I was over in the states I also ended up buying a few more Victoria's Secret perfumes which went half price, dream Angels forever, Victoria's Secret love and every little things heartbreaker. I haven't even opened the Victoria's secret love or heartbreaker one out of the box yet !!!!

What perfumes should I be trying ?

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