Friday, 28 November 2014

Edinburgh Christmas

You know it's Christmas when everywhere you go you hear the song words "Santa clause is coming to town" he must be on his way, as I keep hearing it.

Am I the only city girl who makes a rare appearance in town ? I tend to stay away from town, however today I wanted to pick something up from Harvey Nichols, then ended up going for a wander. 

Edinburgh's Winter Wonderland is here now. If you've never been to Edinburgh there's a German market if you like German food, though I've seen a few Scottish stalls aswell. There's also the big wheel where you can get a good view of Princess Street. There's an ice rink and many other rides

I can't believe how things have changed this year in Edinburgh's Winter Wonderland , or maybe it's been a few years. When I was a child it was our Christmas tradition to go ice skating on Christmas Eve in Winter Wonderland (princess street gardens) It's now a smaller ice rink in the gardens and a circular one at St Andrews square. 

The plus side I notice you get 20% off big wheel, ice rink etc if you live in Edinburgh.

I think this is the best time of year for tourists to come when Edinburgh is looking all christmas - y Also the New year fireworks are good to watch. Though it can be quite cold this time of year, but surprisingly it wasn't too bad today. 

Now for the pictures :

The place I was actually heading to was Harvey Nichols. They do an amazing Dr Jackson range, which is all natural skin care. You should def go check Dr Jackson's range out. Anyway look how Christmas - y Harvey Nichols looked. ah so pretty.

Have you been to Edinburgh ?

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  1. Can't beat Edinburgh at this time of year (maybe except for all the crowds!) Can't wait to go ice-skating in a few weeks and will probably stop for a hot chocolate at hotel chocolat (they do an incredible chilli hot chocolate!) Lovely photos and i really like your blogs template, its beautiful!

  2. Oh wow Edinburgh looks lovely by Christmas! The ferris wheel looks so pretty and sparkly! Also, thanks for following my blog, I've happily followed yours too! :)


  3. Looks great. Glasgow looks amazing too - was checking it out on Thurs evening. So bright and colourful :-) Bit cold though ;-)


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