Friday, 21 November 2014

Beauty at tesco advent calendar

It's that time of year where company's bring out advent calendars for the count down of Christmas. Beauty at tesco have just released their first every beauty advent calender this year which features products you can buy at tesco or tesco direct. Maybe the first supermarket to bring out a beauty advent calender?

I've not owned an advent calender since I was a kid, so this is my first beauty advent calendar. I really wanted to get with time and buy a beauty advent this year. I wasn't sure which to go for, but it was the packaging that got me. I think it has to be one of the prettiest beauty calender packaging I've seen.

The one thing I liked about the beauty at tesco advent is the packaging. The packaging looks so Christmas - y with the snow effect. I also loved how it came on a fancy gift bag.

I love how you get a mix of full size prices and deluxe size. The duluxe size gives you a chance to try before splashing out paying full size. 

If you're wondering what's inside the beauty at tesco advent calendar, then keep scrolling. If you want to keep it a surprise then I advise you to not look any further.

Sue moxley spot light lipgloss £12

Renunail triple strength nail varnish £14

Eyelure eye lashes £5

Korres citrus shower gel is around £2.50

Nip plus fab viper venom £7.48
So Eco foundation brush £6

Tesco compact tesco mirror which I couldn't find a price for.

Candy kitten perfume. This is 20ml deluxe size when I searched I saw tesco had this in a gift set for £24.99, so it's maybe worth £5 ish 

Pro formula purifying thermal face mask £1

Baylis and Harding sweet mandarin and grapefruit moisturising body lotion. I found this in a gift set for £10 and since this is travel size am guessing it will be about £1. 

Stylfile £2.99 full size, but this is smaller.

Little soap company mini soap. I found online the 110g is £3.99. The one you get is 17g

Vaseline aloe Vera £1.85

Tanya burr nail polish in the colour midnight sparkles £4.99

Katy Perry meow solid perfume locket £5.99

Elizabeth Arden red door perfume. This is a mini version and it's selling online for about £7.

Denman mini hair brush £2.50

Paul smith extreme its £25 for 50ml, but this is a travel size so maybe about £5

Ghost perfume. When I searched its £29 for the 50ml, but this is 15ml 

Royal Moroccan hair shampoo, mask and serum sachets 

Dead Sea Spa Magik hand cream i found the 75ml online at £7.70. The size you get is 20ml

Natio spa heavenly hand cream I couldn't find on tesco website for a price of full size.

Baylis and Harding sweet mandarin and grapefruit body wash, again this was in the £10 gift set
Manuka doctor api nourish face mask. Which I couldn't find a price.

It's priced at £50, but it's also included in the club card double up. So if you have £25 of club card vouchers, it could be a free advent calendar.

You can see it has a value of over £50, so it's worth the money if there's products you haven't tried before and looking to try something new. 

What advent calendar are you buying this year ? Or bought if that's the case lol


  1. This looks so cute and the selection of products is amazing, I can`t believe they included brand like Elizabeth Arden or Paul Smith. This is definitely worth the money.

  2. OOOO I want!! lol

  3. Oh wow I didn't realise Tesco did a beauty advent calendar! How cool is that. I've got the Ciate one and been working my way through it :-)

    1. yup it's the first year they've brought one out


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