Friday, 28 November 2014

Edinburgh Christmas

You know it's Christmas when everywhere you go you hear the song words "Santa clause is coming to town" he must be on his way, as I keep hearing it.

Am I the only city girl who makes a rare appearance in town ? I tend to stay away from town, however today I wanted to pick something up from Harvey Nichols, then ended up going for a wander. 

Edinburgh's Winter Wonderland is here now. If you've never been to Edinburgh there's a German market if you like German food, though I've seen a few Scottish stalls aswell. There's also the big wheel where you can get a good view of Princess Street. There's an ice rink and many other rides

I can't believe how things have changed this year in Edinburgh's Winter Wonderland , or maybe it's been a few years. When I was a child it was our Christmas tradition to go ice skating on Christmas Eve in Winter Wonderland (princess street gardens) It's now a smaller ice rink in the gardens and a circular one at St Andrews square. 

The plus side I notice you get 20% off big wheel, ice rink etc if you live in Edinburgh.

I think this is the best time of year for tourists to come when Edinburgh is looking all christmas - y Also the New year fireworks are good to watch. Though it can be quite cold this time of year, but surprisingly it wasn't too bad today. 

Now for the pictures :

The place I was actually heading to was Harvey Nichols. They do an amazing Dr Jackson range, which is all natural skin care. You should def go check Dr Jackson's range out. Anyway look how Christmas - y Harvey Nichols looked. ah so pretty.

Have you been to Edinburgh ?

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Thursday, 27 November 2014

Review | Herbal Essences dry shampoo


Am I the only one who's never tried dry shampoo ? I've seen so many bad reviews by other bloggers reviewing other dry shampoos it really put me off.

Herbal Essences is my "everyday shampoo" , so when I saw they brought out a dry shampoo, I decided I was going to try dry shampoo for the first time in my life.

I saw three different kinds of Herbal Essences dry shampoos , naked, ignite my colour which was a rose smell and uplifting volume which is a citrus smell. I probably should have went for ignite my colour, which I go for in the normal shampoo, as I dye my hair instead I went for smell the citrus.

I wash my hair every second day and it hasn't been washed in two days, so I choose today to see if this really works.

When You spray the first you notice is the citrus smell. It's a very light citrus smell. That's the one thing you look for in shampoos a nice smell.

The results


I don't think my hair feels clean at all, maybe because am used to actually washing my hair in the shower ? The thing I do love about this dry shampoo is the citrus smell. It leave your hair smelling citrusy. I think I'll stick with herbal Essences normal shampoo, but this would be good for the days I don't wash my hair to leave it smelling nice.

Ignore my face I didn't put makeup on since it was the morning and tried this before going for a shower.

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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

GlossyBox | Limited Edition Christmas Box

I'm a new - bie to the whole GlossyBox thing, but you hear a lot of beauty bloggers mention it so it was quite exciting to receive my first GlossyBox. If you've never heard of GlossyBox its a subscription beauty box where you get a mix of full size and deluxe size products to try. It's a good way to try things that are new out getting a sample size to try, than spending so much and finding out you don't like it.

I saw on the GlossyBox website the Christmas limited edition box you don't need to be a subscriber, so It's a great way to try the GlossyBox before subscribing, by trying one of the limited edition ones. The limited edition GlossyBox do sell out fast though.

The box itself it's quite unique with its branded name on the box and each GlossyBox is different. So I guess could collect them or use it to store things.

The products you get are :

Absolute ! Perfume stick : The lux 369 perfume has to be the top product in this GlossyBox. The website detail says its revolved around New York. I absolutely love New York ha. The perfume does smell really nice.

Be a bomb cosmetic blush : The colour of the blush came in the colour tanorexic. I know sounds like something else, but it's a pretty colour and quite glittery for Christmas time.

Butter London 3 nail lacquer - vernis : The nail varnish is a really nice nude in the colour teetotal. It's a gloss colour, so perfect for Christmas parties.

EuPHidra pearly lip gloss : it comes in a fancy box, only to open it and reminds me of lip gloss I had in my teenage years. The lip gloss packaging isn't as unique as the box. The lip gloss itself I've came across many better ones. So this was a huge disappointment.

Philip B African Shea butter gentle and conditioning shampoo : I hadn't tried this yet, but it's travel / sample size so I maybe hold of till I next head away, but it sounds good. 

So Susan cosmetics water - based pure luminizer : it's sad it comes in a nice box, but felt rather light. The tube was empty. 

My favourite product by far had to be the perfume stick. I had never heard of that perfume before, so if it wasn't for GlossyBox I wouldn't have got to try this. It's just sad the So Susan luminizer tube was empty, so hard to review / give my thoughts. 

Are you subscribed to GlossyBox ? I'd love to hear your thoughts 

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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Kellogg's beauty

When you think of kellogg's you think of the cereal, so I had to look again when I saw this in the Christmas beauty section at tesco. That's the thing I love about Christmas time when company's bring out fun novelty stuff. You're like what ? But at the same time you want to try it. 

The packaging is made like the kellogg's cereal long ago, vintage style. So if you're in to vintage stuff am sure you'll love these. 

The bath milk and shower wash is designed like milk bottles from years ago. They both have a vanilla smell. 

The jam and toast I'm really impressed. When you open the tub you can smell the strawberry. The formula looks so like jam, but feels like jelly. I love how the sponge is shaped just like the toast.  

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Friday, 21 November 2014

Beauty at tesco advent calendar

It's that time of year where company's bring out advent calendars for the count down of Christmas. Beauty at tesco have just released their first every beauty advent calender this year which features products you can buy at tesco or tesco direct. Maybe the first supermarket to bring out a beauty advent calender?

I've not owned an advent calender since I was a kid, so this is my first beauty advent calendar. I really wanted to get with time and buy a beauty advent this year. I wasn't sure which to go for, but it was the packaging that got me. I think it has to be one of the prettiest beauty calender packaging I've seen.

The one thing I liked about the beauty at tesco advent is the packaging. The packaging looks so Christmas - y with the snow effect. I also loved how it came on a fancy gift bag.

I love how you get a mix of full size prices and deluxe size. The duluxe size gives you a chance to try before splashing out paying full size. 

If you're wondering what's inside the beauty at tesco advent calendar, then keep scrolling. If you want to keep it a surprise then I advise you to not look any further.

Sue moxley spot light lipgloss £12

Renunail triple strength nail varnish £14

Eyelure eye lashes £5

Korres citrus shower gel is around £2.50

Nip plus fab viper venom £7.48
So Eco foundation brush £6

Tesco compact tesco mirror which I couldn't find a price for.

Candy kitten perfume. This is 20ml deluxe size when I searched I saw tesco had this in a gift set for £24.99, so it's maybe worth £5 ish 

Pro formula purifying thermal face mask £1

Baylis and Harding sweet mandarin and grapefruit moisturising body lotion. I found this in a gift set for £10 and since this is travel size am guessing it will be about £1. 

Stylfile £2.99 full size, but this is smaller.

Little soap company mini soap. I found online the 110g is £3.99. The one you get is 17g

Vaseline aloe Vera £1.85

Tanya burr nail polish in the colour midnight sparkles £4.99

Katy Perry meow solid perfume locket £5.99

Elizabeth Arden red door perfume. This is a mini version and it's selling online for about £7.

Denman mini hair brush £2.50

Paul smith extreme its £25 for 50ml, but this is a travel size so maybe about £5

Ghost perfume. When I searched its £29 for the 50ml, but this is 15ml 

Royal Moroccan hair shampoo, mask and serum sachets 

Dead Sea Spa Magik hand cream i found the 75ml online at £7.70. The size you get is 20ml

Natio spa heavenly hand cream I couldn't find on tesco website for a price of full size.

Baylis and Harding sweet mandarin and grapefruit body wash, again this was in the £10 gift set
Manuka doctor api nourish face mask. Which I couldn't find a price.

It's priced at £50, but it's also included in the club card double up. So if you have £25 of club card vouchers, it could be a free advent calendar.

You can see it has a value of over £50, so it's worth the money if there's products you haven't tried before and looking to try something new. 

What advent calendar are you buying this year ? Or bought if that's the case lol

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