Thursday, 2 October 2014

Zoella Beauty

Zoella was one the first bloggers I came across by searching "Mary-Kate and Ashley" and stumbled across one of her posts mentioned them. I read her blog for years before I decided to start. When I first came across zoella, she only had about 5,000 bloglovin followers. She now has 227,093 to date, which is crazy.

Zoella now has now brought out her own beauty range called Zoella beauty. It includes perfume / body mist, bath soak and shower gel, body lotion, fizz bar ginepig bag, zoella eyes bag and candle.  

I had to buy her stuff since I've watched her for so long. 

I picked:

Bath soak and shower cream
Creamy madly dreamy body lotion
Blissful mistful fragranced body mist 
Let's glow fragranced candle 

They smell of fruity vanilla smell.

They are available at Superdrug and feel unique just now. I bought from Superdrug as it was available to buy from last Friday and wasn't going to be in shops till the Monday. The down side on Superdrug is the slow delivery. It's only just came today nearly a week to delivery.

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