Monday, 27 October 2014

Review | Dr Jackson's coconut melt

This was unknown to me until last week when I saw on Facebook on the Elizabeth and James page, read Mary-Kate and Ashely's top beauty products. Being a Mary-Kate and Ashley fan I had to buy this. 
I googled Dr Jackson's coconut melt and showed up Havey Nichols, so I managed to get it as there's one near me. 

It says you can use it on your lips, skin and hair and helps wrinkles, so good for those tackling wrinkles haha

I've been using it as a night cream before I go to bed. It has a really nice coconut smell and its natural ingredients. When I saw how small the tub is I thought that won't last long, but now after trying it I think it's really good value for £10. You only need a tiny bit. I use two fingers and do either side of my cheeks, forehead and the bottom of my face, then I use my hands and spread around my whole face. 

My face feels so soft after using this. I've been using it nearly a week now and it still looks hardly used, since how little you need. This deserves to get noticed more than it should. Well thanks Mary-Kate Olsen for mentioning it as your top beauty product 

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