Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Lush Christmas review

My favourite lush products are the Christmas ones, as they have more shape, look more prettier? Years ago I used to walk past lush and you could smell the place. I always thought the when you go in the bath stuff all year round looks like poo on a plate, then my friend mentioned it lol, where as the Christmas products are better snapped and all sparkley.

Candy mountain bubble bar. 
It's really shiny pink and really does smell like candy.
Magic wand bubble bar.
The magic wand is quite cute and has the snow fairy smell. You could save some for later, or chuck it in and use it all at once.
Star light star bright bath melt. 
The star bright bath melt covers your bath in glitter. Even lifting it up when I was in the shop your hand gets covered in glitter. It will be good for if your going on a night out or just a relaxing night in.
Snow fair sparkle shimmer bar.
The snow fairy shimmer bar is so skinny it slides in your hand, but even so I love the feel of it lol, oh and smells lush.
Snow fairy shower gel.
A lot of the lush Christmas range is based on the snow fairy smell, so had to buy this shower fell. I have no idea how to describe the smell it's like strawberry and bubble gum smell ? Ha sorry am no good at describing.

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  1. The Christmas range is awesome. Snow fairy is my favourite, I have bought loads this year x

  2. I love the Snow Fairy stuff :-D I use the shimmer bar as a perfume stick and wear it on nights out lol ;-)


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