Thursday, 30 October 2014

Homesense haul

A while ago I watched a video Gemma  ( gemsmaquillage ) done a home haul mentioning homesense. I'd never heard of it. I googled, but there was none in Scotland. I've since seen a few more youtubers  and bloggers mention homesense zoella and fleurdeforce .

Today the first store opened in Scotland which is actually quite near me, so I decided to go have a look. 

I found a lot of the stuff was vintage style, so great if you like that style. I've set my house around New York theme, so I had to be careful what I picked. 

I thought these drawers looked cute with tiny drawers and vintage style. I don't have a jewellery box, so I may use this to store earrings and such then I can't loose them. 

I thought this Kellogg's tin was pretty cool and retro. The cereal was one £5, but I just pour the cereal from the box, so thought it would be a waste of money. Then I spotted this biscuit tin it was only £4.

I love this smell of warm apple pie candle. It's like the perfect Autumn / winter candle, as it reminds you of Christmas. It was only £5.99 which is quite cheap as its high fragranced. I've not even lit it yet and I can smell it in the room.

Everyone who knows me will know why I picked up this candle. I couldn't help myself I had to buy this as it says " white Christmas in New York ". This was £14.99, but the smell isn't as powering as the warm apple pie candle.

What things do you like at homesense ?

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