Thursday, 30 October 2014

Homesense haul

A while ago I watched a video Gemma  ( gemsmaquillage ) done a home haul mentioning homesense. I'd never heard of it. I googled, but there was none in Scotland. I've since seen a few more youtubers  and bloggers mention homesense zoella and fleurdeforce .

Today the first store opened in Scotland which is actually quite near me, so I decided to go have a look. 

I found a lot of the stuff was vintage style, so great if you like that style. I've set my house around New York theme, so I had to be careful what I picked. 

I thought these drawers looked cute with tiny drawers and vintage style. I don't have a jewellery box, so I may use this to store earrings and such then I can't loose them. 

I thought this Kellogg's tin was pretty cool and retro. The cereal was one £5, but I just pour the cereal from the box, so thought it would be a waste of money. Then I spotted this biscuit tin it was only £4.

I love this smell of warm apple pie candle. It's like the perfect Autumn / winter candle, as it reminds you of Christmas. It was only £5.99 which is quite cheap as its high fragranced. I've not even lit it yet and I can smell it in the room.

Everyone who knows me will know why I picked up this candle. I couldn't help myself I had to buy this as it says " white Christmas in New York ". This was £14.99, but the smell isn't as powering as the warm apple pie candle.

What things do you like at homesense ?

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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Top 5 | Autumn | Fall lipsticks

Mac in the colour Rebel
Mac in the colour Up the amp 
Rimmel Kate Moss lasting finish in the colour 107
NYX in the colour Alabama 
Barry M in the colour (162) cranberry red

Up until a few years ago I always stuck with pinks and red lipsticks. I never thought any other colour would suit me. Then one day I wanted to try a purple lipstick, ever since I've been addicted to buying dark lipsticks. 

I love wearing dark lipstick and am sure I wear it all year round. Now that Autumn is here dark purples and reds and in season.

As you can tell by the picture my favourite are the Mac and NYX. I think I wear those too much ha. Up the amp is a light purple colour, where as the Rebel is a more dark purple. 

The Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick and NYX Alabama are both dark red. 

The Barry M in the colour Cranberry red is one of my newest lipsticks, which I've only used a couple times. 

What is your favourite Autumn lipsticks ?

Monday, 27 October 2014

Review | Dr Jackson's coconut melt

This was unknown to me until last week when I saw on Facebook on the Elizabeth and James page, read Mary-Kate and Ashely's top beauty products. Being a Mary-Kate and Ashley fan I had to buy this. 
I googled Dr Jackson's coconut melt and showed up Havey Nichols, so I managed to get it as there's one near me. 

It says you can use it on your lips, skin and hair and helps wrinkles, so good for those tackling wrinkles haha

I've been using it as a night cream before I go to bed. It has a really nice coconut smell and its natural ingredients. When I saw how small the tub is I thought that won't last long, but now after trying it I think it's really good value for £10. You only need a tiny bit. I use two fingers and do either side of my cheeks, forehead and the bottom of my face, then I use my hands and spread around my whole face. 

My face feels so soft after using this. I've been using it nearly a week now and it still looks hardly used, since how little you need. This deserves to get noticed more than it should. Well thanks Mary-Kate Olsen for mentioning it as your top beauty product 

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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Face of the day | night out

It was my cousins 18th party, I expected to get asked for I.d since it was an 18th and I get asked for I.d a lot, surprisingly I never. First time time getting asked maybe I'm looking more my age? Ha

Foundation - benefit 
Eyeliner- Victoria secret
Mascara - Barry M lash Vegas
Nyx jumbo eye pencil in the colour peacock (blue)
Lipstick - Mac in the colour New York Apple 

Blouse from primark 

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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Lush Christmas review

My favourite lush products are the Christmas ones, as they have more shape, look more prettier? Years ago I used to walk past lush and you could smell the place. I always thought the when you go in the bath stuff all year round looks like poo on a plate, then my friend mentioned it lol, where as the Christmas products are better snapped and all sparkley.

Candy mountain bubble bar. 
It's really shiny pink and really does smell like candy.
Magic wand bubble bar.
The magic wand is quite cute and has the snow fairy smell. You could save some for later, or chuck it in and use it all at once.
Star light star bright bath melt. 
The star bright bath melt covers your bath in glitter. Even lifting it up when I was in the shop your hand gets covered in glitter. It will be good for if your going on a night out or just a relaxing night in.
Snow fair sparkle shimmer bar.
The snow fairy shimmer bar is so skinny it slides in your hand, but even so I love the feel of it lol, oh and smells lush.
Snow fairy shower gel.
A lot of the lush Christmas range is based on the snow fairy smell, so had to buy this shower fell. I have no idea how to describe the smell it's like strawberry and bubble gum smell ? Ha sorry am no good at describing.

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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Hair dye

I haven't dyed my hair in ages, but really like the Ombré look with blonde ends. I decided to try Garnier belle colour. I used natural brown and the next day I used natural extra light ash blonde on the ends.

The blonde works really well on bits that are already light, but for £3 I think the result isn't too bad and gives a good shine to your hair.

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Barry M and Collection work the colour haul

I saw the whole stand of Barry M and Collection work the colour make up was all reduced in my local tesco, half price and 3 for 2.

These are all the stuff I bought 

Barry M nail varnish :
Matte topcoat
Matte in the colour Vanilla
Matte in the colour Caramel
Matte basecoat and topcoat
Nail effects in the colour Princess

Collection work the colour nail varnish :
Scorched copper
Fairy dust 
Blue belle

Barry M
Ultra moisturizing lipstick in the colour cranberry red
Stain paint in the colour absolute burgundy 

Barry M Lipgloss in the colour toffee

Collection work the colour lasting colour in the colour mango tango

Collection galactica lip butter in the colours :
Moon rock
Pink rush

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Saturday, 4 October 2014

Face of the day

Nivea express hydration primer
Benefit hello flawless foundation
Victoria's Secret eyeliner 
Barry m mascara - lash Vegas blackest black with fibres 
Mac lipsticks in the colour hang-up

I feel like I neglect my skin when I read other blogs with all the cream products they use before applying makeup. Is there any products you would recommend?

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Thursday, 2 October 2014

Zoella Beauty

Zoella was one the first bloggers I came across by searching "Mary-Kate and Ashley" and stumbled across one of her posts mentioned them. I read her blog for years before I decided to start. When I first came across zoella, she only had about 5,000 bloglovin followers. She now has 227,093 to date, which is crazy.

Zoella now has now brought out her own beauty range called Zoella beauty. It includes perfume / body mist, bath soak and shower gel, body lotion, fizz bar ginepig bag, zoella eyes bag and candle.  

I had to buy her stuff since I've watched her for so long. 

I picked:

Bath soak and shower cream
Creamy madly dreamy body lotion
Blissful mistful fragranced body mist 
Let's glow fragranced candle 

They smell of fruity vanilla smell.

They are available at Superdrug and feel unique just now. I bought from Superdrug as it was available to buy from last Friday and wasn't going to be in shops till the Monday. The down side on Superdrug is the slow delivery. It's only just came today nearly a week to delivery.

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