Sunday, 28 September 2014

Asda | Home haul

I really love New York theme right now. A few months ago I found New York skyline duvet covers. I decided to go have a look at Asda and picked up these

Another duvet covers
This skyline cushion is similar to ones I picked up at Argos, but a smaller version it's kind of cute.
And a shower curtain

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Saturday, 27 September 2014

IKEA | Home haul

I went to ikea to get mirrors and ended up picking up a few random things. Its funny because my dad can't stand the place, as its a walk round and he wants to find the exit lol

Cushions I thought they'd go perfect with my duvet sheet colours.
Orange candle, smells so nice
Plastic cutterly, plates and bowls. Am sure they'll come handy for something lol

I'll maybe show pictures of the mirrors when I get them on the wall :-)

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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Tag: The Autumn tag

1.  Ok we're talking coffee's - what's your favorite seasonal drink from Starbucks or another coffee shop?
I've never been to star bucks in my life. I don't really drink coffee or hot drinks 

2.  Accessories - what do you opt for, scarf, boots, gloves?
Boots, i love ugg boots

3.  Music - what's your favorite music to listen to during Autumn?
ha i'm going to sound boring i don't really have a certain type of music. I stopped buying cds a long time ago and have saved soo much money. I usually listen to heart radio, or a song on youtube whatever comes to my mind.

4.  Perfume - what's your favorite scent for this time of year?
Right now am loving Elizabeth and James nirvana

5.  Candles - what scents will you be burning this season?
I love the Yankees vanilla one and all jelly belly candles

6. What do you love most about Autumn?
I've never really loved a "certain" season.

7. Favourite make-up look?
Purple lipsticks

8. What are you looking forward to most in Autumn?
Well it will be colder, so hopefully no more spiders lol
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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Outfit of the day | Testing my new iPhone

I wanted to test out my new iPhone 6, so decided to do an outfit of the day

Top - Barbie exclusive range forever 21
Leggings -Tesco 
Boots - River island
Foundation - Mac
Eyeliner - Victoria's Secret 
Mascara - Barry m lash Vegas 
Lipstick- Barry m in the colour pink pearl 

Sunday, 14 September 2014

50 years of Forth road bridge fireworks

Hey everyone I went to see the fireworks at south queensferry, forth road bridge. They had a firework display for the 50 years. Massive picture post :

Before the fireworks 

The end :-)

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Shopping spree

I haven't been out actual shopping in ages, so since I'm off work this week I made use of it and went to Glasgow and bought some new things. So here's a little shopping haul :-)

Forever 21 had an exclusive Barbie range, so I picked up a top, pajamas and the hair brush

H and m I got a cropped jumper. These seem to be the thing right now.

Primark :
Black and white blouse


D for Danielle 

Everyone seems to rave on about these mason jars online and found them at Tiger, so had to buy two of them.

New boots from River Island 

What have you bought lately? 

Danielle Mac

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Shopping in Glasgow

Today I went to Glasgow with my auntie and cousin.

In primark 
Apparently everyone loves a Scottish lass

Found these mason jars in a wee shop on a corner. Mason jars seem to be the thing right now, so had to buy two

H and M
Buchanan street 

Forever 21 
Outfit of the day :
Jacket - Florence and Fred 
Top - Victoria's Secret 
Leggings - tesco 
Trainers - Nike hightop 
Mac lipsticks 

Then we went for dinner to the Merchant. I had broccoli cauliflower cheese pie and chips.
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