Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Hair history

Since a lot of bloggers are doing the hair history post I decided to aswell.

Starting of this was me age 2 my hair was more lighter. (God knows what's with the glasses)

Starting school

At a fair 

 I think I was about 6 here

Me age 10 in Florida. I never done anything with my hair and rarely had it cut 

My age 14 when I started dying my hair  (picture at school)

Age 15 in Turkey when I got it all plaited

Age 18 I loved when Mary-Kate Olsen dyed her hair auburn, I executed to try auburn colour 

19 I went blonde 

Then I got cut short and brown and blonde

Then I let it grow and it went lighter

Pink. This was just a wash out colour. My mum bought me a Harley Davidson top and wasn't my style and had a dress up party, so decided to get a wash out colour and look gothic. Not sure it suits me lol

I dyed it brown, but then the blonde kept coming back through

Then I dyed it back blonde 

Brown again

Then I went back blonde 

Me in New York ombré colour 

I've kept the ombré for a few years now. This is what my hair looks like now 

Thanks for reading till next time 

Danielle x

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