Saturday, 11 January 2014

Victoria's Secret sales haul

Since I was over in New York when Victoria's Secret sales started, I had to go! Normally when I go to the sales its either stuff I've already bought and gets you annoyed seeing it cheaper, or its rubbish in the sales. I was surprised at how many decent things were in the sale, but then I went early on the first day so maybe that helped?

The sexy little things - heart breaker perfume was half price $52 down to $26

Dream Angeles forever perfume was only $18.20
I can't find the receipt for Victoria's Secret love perfume, but I remember it being half price and think I paid roughly $20.
I love the dream Angeles perfume. I get this perfume everytime I go to America. So decided to try the dream Angeles  desire lotion which was half price $20 down to $10!!!
The London body must was $8.75
Victoria's Secret dazzling angel lip shine was only $4.20
This make up set was $34 down to $11.90
I saw these shimmers online last year, but when I went over to America I couldn't find them in store. I saw these on New Year's Day in store 5 for $35 dollars. In the sale they went to 5 for $19.99!!

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