Monday, 27 January 2014

Max Factor lashfinity 3 day mascara

I decided to try the max factor lashfinity 3 day mascara. I've read other reviews says it didn't last. Well for me it lasted 3 days, but I think I applied too much. When I woke up after the first day, I couldn't open my eyes. Honestly I wouldn't like to be one of those people you hear stories buried alive. I kept trying to open my eyes my couldn't! After a min I put one finger above my eye and one finger below and pulled and opened my eyes. It didn't hurt or anything. Considering I pulled my eyes my eyes looked no bad and my eyelashes weren't messed up. 
The second night I went to bed and woke up, I managed to open my eyes find.
This is great if your in a hurry the next day and no time to apply make up etc. 
I would use it again, even though I had to pull my eyes open haha. 

   After 3 days. 

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