Thursday, 2 January 2014

I'm in New York !!!!

I flew to New York yesterday on the 1st of January. Its now the second as I randomly fell asleep and woken up and its 3am! I flew with united although the plane journey was pretty boring as the music section didn't work!

I spent the rest of the day looking at shops on Times Square. 
I went in sephora looking for the Elizabeth and James perfume. First I tried the one on 34th street and the staff said yes they had it, then came back saying no they don't have it. I then tried sephora on broadway and one staff member said yes they had the white one, but someone else beside quickly said they can't sell till 26th launch day. I walked away looking online on my mobile and showed you could search which stores sell it and showed they had it in stock. I walked to another member of staff and pointed out, but she said only available to buy online right now. I walked away confused the fact it showed they stores had them in stock. I past the one on Times Square and thought they can only say no. I walked in looking for a member of staff and heard a worker say to a customer "oh you mean the Olsen twins? When you say Mary-Kate and Ashley am not sure who you mean" he asked if she wanted the black or white one and radioed someone to get them. I quickly said is that the Mary-Kate and Ashley perfume and he said yes he'll get them brought out for me. I was shocked they brought them after the other store said they can't sell till the 26th January. So thank you to that staff member I finally have the perfume !!


Happy new year 2014 

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