Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Elizabeth and James perfume by Mary-Kate and Ashley

Since I'm huge Mary-Kate and Ashley fan, when I heard Elizabeth and James perfume that came out last month, I knew that was one of my aims while in America to buy the perfume.I went in 3 sephora stores that day before getting it, lucky sephora stores aren't far away from each other in New York. The first store I went in, I searched up and down the perfumes before asking a member of staff. The staff member said yes he saw it behind the back and spoke on the head set for it. Only to be told there was none. I then found a sephora on broadway and went in and asked. One member of staff said yes they have the white version, then the staff member beside said they couldn't sell it as the launch date is the 26th January. I walked away confused as I saw online the launch was December.I went on sephora website and it showed they stores had them in stock. I walked to another member of staff showing my phone how it shows in stock, yet staff are saying the launch day is 26th January, but she agreed with the other staff.There's a sephora on Times Square, so I thought they can only say no.I walked in sephora and was just about to pass a member of staff when I heard the member of staff saying to a customer "oh you mean the Olsen twins perfume, when you say Mary-Kate and Ashley if confused me as we know them as the Olsen twins". I then heard him speaking on his head set asking for the perfume to be brought out. I said excuse me is that the Elizabeth and James, Mary-Kate and Ashley perfume? He said yes. I said could I get both them? He said he was getting a load brought out anyway. I was so shocked after thinking I was going home without the perfume, so thank you! To the guy in sephora for bring it out. The girl who asked first, asked them to open the perfumes to smell as there was no testers. She smelt them and walked away without buying them, after all them. I loved smell of both and knew from the beginning I wanted both of them.

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black

Elizabeth and James Nirvana White

I love them both, the black has the more powering smell I think that would be perfect for evenings, where as the white perfume I think would be perfect for everyday use. I also love the design of the bottles, don't think ill want to throw them away lol.

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