Friday, 31 January 2014

Barry M lipstick collection

Barry m lip paints last all day. Some lipsticks you need to keep applying, so its good to find a lipstick that lasts. Now I have 10 barry m lip paints!
    52 - Shocking pink 
    53 - Coral 
   54 - Peach
    62 - Vibrant pink 
   113 - Sheer pink 
   140 - Pink sparkle 
   145 - Punky pink 
    146 - Dolly pink 
   150 - Pink suede 
   151 - Sunset 

Monday, 27 January 2014

Max Factor lashfinity 3 day mascara

I decided to try the max factor lashfinity 3 day mascara. I've read other reviews says it didn't last. Well for me it lasted 3 days, but I think I applied too much. When I woke up after the first day, I couldn't open my eyes. Honestly I wouldn't like to be one of those people you hear stories buried alive. I kept trying to open my eyes my couldn't! After a min I put one finger above my eye and one finger below and pulled and opened my eyes. It didn't hurt or anything. Considering I pulled my eyes my eyes looked no bad and my eyelashes weren't messed up. 
The second night I went to bed and woke up, I managed to open my eyes find.
This is great if your in a hurry the next day and no time to apply make up etc. 
I would use it again, even though I had to pull my eyes open haha. 

   After 3 days. 

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Elizabeth and James perfume by Mary-Kate and Ashley

Since I'm huge Mary-Kate and Ashley fan, when I heard Elizabeth and James perfume that came out last month, I knew that was one of my aims while in America to buy the perfume.I went in 3 sephora stores that day before getting it, lucky sephora stores aren't far away from each other in New York. The first store I went in, I searched up and down the perfumes before asking a member of staff. The staff member said yes he saw it behind the back and spoke on the head set for it. Only to be told there was none. I then found a sephora on broadway and went in and asked. One member of staff said yes they have the white version, then the staff member beside said they couldn't sell it as the launch date is the 26th January. I walked away confused as I saw online the launch was December.I went on sephora website and it showed they stores had them in stock. I walked to another member of staff showing my phone how it shows in stock, yet staff are saying the launch day is 26th January, but she agreed with the other staff.There's a sephora on Times Square, so I thought they can only say no.I walked in sephora and was just about to pass a member of staff when I heard the member of staff saying to a customer "oh you mean the Olsen twins perfume, when you say Mary-Kate and Ashley if confused me as we know them as the Olsen twins". I then heard him speaking on his head set asking for the perfume to be brought out. I said excuse me is that the Elizabeth and James, Mary-Kate and Ashley perfume? He said yes. I said could I get both them? He said he was getting a load brought out anyway. I was so shocked after thinking I was going home without the perfume, so thank you! To the guy in sephora for bring it out. The girl who asked first, asked them to open the perfumes to smell as there was no testers. She smelt them and walked away without buying them, after all them. I loved smell of both and knew from the beginning I wanted both of them.

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black

Elizabeth and James Nirvana White

I love them both, the black has the more powering smell I think that would be perfect for evenings, where as the white perfume I think would be perfect for everyday use. I also love the design of the bottles, don't think ill want to throw them away lol.

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Victoria's Secret sales haul

Since I was over in New York when Victoria's Secret sales started, I had to go! Normally when I go to the sales its either stuff I've already bought and gets you annoyed seeing it cheaper, or its rubbish in the sales. I was surprised at how many decent things were in the sale, but then I went early on the first day so maybe that helped?

The sexy little things - heart breaker perfume was half price $52 down to $26

Dream Angeles forever perfume was only $18.20
I can't find the receipt for Victoria's Secret love perfume, but I remember it being half price and think I paid roughly $20.
I love the dream Angeles perfume. I get this perfume everytime I go to America. So decided to try the dream Angeles  desire lotion which was half price $20 down to $10!!!
The London body must was $8.75
Victoria's Secret dazzling angel lip shine was only $4.20
This make up set was $34 down to $11.90
I saw these shimmers online last year, but when I went over to America I couldn't find them in store. I saw these on New Year's Day in store 5 for $35 dollars. In the sale they went to 5 for $19.99!!

Friday, 10 January 2014

Soap and glory - Jonathan Saunders bag

Every year everyone seems to go crazy on the Yule month gift set. Its a good deal if you love the bag, otherwise you might be just as cheap when boots have the 3 for 2 on soap and glory. I guess it could be a good toiletry bag? I decided to buy it this year!

                              For £27 the products you get:

Sugar crush body wash 500ml
The righteous butter body wash 300ml 
Peaches and clean deep purifying cleanser 
Heel genius foot cream 125ml
Butter yourself moisture lotion 500ml
The scrub of your life body buffer 200ml Thick and fast super volume mascara       Sexy mother pucker XL in pink out loud 

                  You also get £5 off when you spend £20 on your next soap and glory 

So if you plan buying more soap and glory stuff, technically you only spent £22 with getting a £5 off coupon for next time. Also it comes with my favourite soap and glory product the sugar crush body wash.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

New coat

I've been looking for a nice fur coat for ages and saw this nice cream one in river island.

They must be in fashion, as I wore it to my grans 90th last week and my niece wore a cream fur coat too!! 


Monday, 6 January 2014

Snow in New York

Well its snowed in New York. I brought a few jackets with me, but the other few weren't warm enough for this snow. Which is annoying as all my photos am wearing the same jacket :-(

For everyone who knows me I've been a Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen fan for a long time. I still dream ill meet them one day! Haha. I decided to put a Christmas card (yes a week late) and a Scottish tea towel through Mary-Kate's door since I was in New York. I addressed it from Danielle Scotland, which will mean nothing to mary-Kate lol.

So if anyone hears Mary-Kate got a Scottish tea towel through her door it was from me lol. 

Thursday, 2 January 2014

I'm in New York !!!!

I flew to New York yesterday on the 1st of January. Its now the second as I randomly fell asleep and woken up and its 3am! I flew with united although the plane journey was pretty boring as the music section didn't work!

I spent the rest of the day looking at shops on Times Square. 
I went in sephora looking for the Elizabeth and James perfume. First I tried the one on 34th street and the staff said yes they had it, then came back saying no they don't have it. I then tried sephora on broadway and one staff member said yes they had the white one, but someone else beside quickly said they can't sell till 26th launch day. I walked away looking online on my mobile and showed you could search which stores sell it and showed they had it in stock. I walked to another member of staff and pointed out, but she said only available to buy online right now. I walked away confused the fact it showed they stores had them in stock. I past the one on Times Square and thought they can only say no. I walked in looking for a member of staff and heard a worker say to a customer "oh you mean the Olsen twins? When you say Mary-Kate and Ashley am not sure who you mean" he asked if she wanted the black or white one and radioed someone to get them. I quickly said is that the Mary-Kate and Ashley perfume and he said yes he'll get them brought out for me. I was shocked they brought them after the other store said they can't sell till the 26th January. So thank you to that staff member I finally have the perfume !!


Happy new year 2014 

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